The Best Messenger Bags For Women

Handbags. They’re one of the symbols of style and prestige amongst women, similar to how most men treat cars as theirs.

A Girl Should Be Two Things. Classy and Fabulous”. By following this line said by the famous Coco Chanel herself, many companies have created amazingly lavish handbags and leather messenger bags for women. However, not every handbag made is lavish, or very useful. There are some handbags with so little space inside that it barely functions as one! These are merely placeholder bags (of course, when you go to clubs you won’t need a lot of space so they also have their uses), but are very well decorated and attention grabbing.

For the more normal daily use messenger handbags for women, of course, there are several variants that are great to use functionally, as well as being stylish and aesthetically chic and appealing. 

Now, I would love to compare 10s of different messenger bags, but it will be boring for you to read through all of the text, don’t worry though! I’ve got you covered. I’ve gone ahead and compiled some key factors of some of the best messenger bags for women in the products table below:

PictureNamePrice RangeRating
Alberto Bellucci Italian Messenger BagAlberto Bellucci Italian Messenger Bag$xxx4.4/5
ONA The Astoria Camera and Laptop Messenger BagONA The Astoria Camera and Laptop Messenger Bag$xxx4.1/5
FRYE Veronica Messenger HandbagFRYE Veronica Messenger Handbag$xxx4.2/5
Coach Messenger Convertible Shoulder BagCoach Messenger Convertible Shoulder Bag$xxx4.5/5
FRYE Anna Saddle Messenger HandbagFRYE Anna Saddle Messenger Handbag$xxx3.9/5
LEABAGS LIVERPOOL Vintage Genuine Leather Cross Body Messenger BagLEABAGS LIVERPOOL Vintage Genuine Leather Cross Body Messenger Bag$xxx5/5

Now, here are a few handbags which I’ve reviewed in detail to help you make up your mind. These are some of the best messenger bags for women available on the Internet.

HARVEYS Seatbelt Mini Messenger Bag

HARVEYS Seatbelt Messenger Bag For Women

The Harveys Mini is one of the best Messenger Bags for women. It is a peculiar, special type of a bag: It is small enough to look like a placeholder bag, but it is actually large enough to function as a proper messenger bag!

At diminutive dimensions of only 10.5 x 10.2 x 1.8 inches, it is comfortable enough to use this bag as an everyday carry bag for day to day purposes.

To those who don’t know, Harveys is a brand very well known for creating top quality messenger bags for women. The durability of Harveys bags is also one of the reasons why this brand is being recommended, as it is made from seatbelt fabric, so it is very difficult to destroy the bag at all, let alone damage or scratch it enough to impair functionality. Basically, buying messenger bags for women from Harveys more or less guarantees decades of use and functionality. It also comes in several colours to choose from!

Each bag is also hand sewn together, and exclusively made in the USA. This is a testament to its ingenuity and undying high quality of manufacture that goes into each seatbelt handbag.

However, if there is any downside to this handbag for women, it’s that it is heavy. For its small size, it weighs a hefty 1.4 pounds, which, for a base handbag weight strapped across the body, is not light. Of course, additional padding can be added to the straps to reduce its strain across the shoulders and prevent it from cutting into skin (especially so if the bag is loaded with heavier things)


  • Handmade
  • Made in the US
  • Logoed lining
  • Zipper closure
  • 20″ shoulder drop
  • 10″ high
  • 10″ wide


  • Heavy as compared to other messenger bags for women

Rated: 4.7/5 (Click Here To Read Over 12 Customer Reviews At


If you’re looking for a lovely looking messenger shoulder bag, then you’re in luck! Check out the one below, it’s perfect! :

Marc Jacobs Small Messenger Bag For Women

Marc Jacobs Small Messenger Bag For Women

The Marc Jacobs brand needs no introduction. Setting the trends at the forefront of fashion, this small messenger bag for women certainly fits the bill of a youthful, exuberant style that will continue to push the boundaries of fashion, and the comfort and convenience of a large carrying capacity bag.

With an attention to detail like no other, this messenger bag for women is the perfect fit for the business or career minded woman with a flair for fashion: Coming in bright Cambridge red or black, this messenger bag is well suited to the rigors of pairing great fashion with your business wear.

Made from 100% cow leather, the exterior of the bag is soft to the touch; perfect for the comfort of carrying it all day everywhere with you. It offers a generous space inside the bag as well: at 12.6 x 10.6 x 4.5 inches, you’d be able to place a fair amount of things inside your bag. From larger purses to sunglasses, and even phones without the shape of the bag deforming and becoming uncomfortable.

The bag can also be strapped across the body without any issues. The soft leather will be comfortable on the skin, and leave no crease marks on your clothing!

It is lined with polyester on the inside, which helps in waterproofing the items that you’ve placed inside the bag, as a secondary measure in case the leather doesn’t stop any leakage into the bag. Also, there are slip pockets and an interior zip in the bag, as well as an exterior pocket to allow for greater carrying capacity (or if you want to save the larger space for carrying something else of course). The beautiful brass push-clasp closure button completes the bag, adding a touch of classy elegance over the soft leather casing that defines the bag.


  • 100% Cow Leather
  • Imported
  • Polyester lining
  • Push-Clasp closure
  • 21″ shoulder drop
  • 7″ high
  • 9″ wide
  • One interior zip and two slip pockets, one exterior pocket.


  • a little bit pricier as compared other messenger bags for women

Rated: 5/5 (Click Here To Read Over 2 Customer Reviews At


But both of the bags above are stylish looking bags with modern looks, what if you need a vintage looking multi-purpose and unisex bag that you can use in multiple ways? Well, don’t worry, the product below has got you covered:



A solidly constructed messenger bag from Ecocraftworld, this brown leather handbag exemplifies the hallmarks of all great utility messenger bags: aesthetic appeal, durability, and great usability.

This brown leather handbag is constructed from top quality buffalo leather. This is perhaps one of the toughest leathers that can be used for any handbag, making it perfect for the busy lifestyles of running to and fro meetings.

It’s medium size of 41 x 30 x 14 com also allows for a generous capacity to carry laptops, notebooks, MacBooks and various other electronic items. Plus, this brown leather handbag also comes with an adjustable shoulder strap of maximum length 140cm. Perfect if you need to be hands free doing something else!

This brown leather handbag is also equipped with several extra sleeves and pockets!

There is an inside laptop sleeve, wall zipper pocket, a single cell phone pocket, a purse pocket, 2 pen slows, 2 front pockets and a zippered pocket on the back of the bag. I’m sure you won’t run out of space with this bag at all.

That said, despite Ecocraftworld’s best quality control, due to the different skin colours of the buffalo, the bags’ shade of brown will occasionally look different from the photo shown above (at least, until the day where we can clone a single buffalo which will ensure uniform colours)


  • Imported
  • Made of thick superior top quality buffalo leather.
  • Length: 41cm; Height: 30cm; Width: 14cm; Handle Height: 4cm; Shoulder Strap(Adjustable): 140cm
  • Inside laptop sleeve, wall zipper pocket, 1 cell phone pocket, 1 purse pocket and 2 pen slots , 2 front pockets and zippered pocket on the back of the bag.
  • This bag is perfect as your everyday bag, which can fit for a 14”-15” Laptop, an IPAD, A4 files, books, magazines, as well as many accessories.
  • Ideal for safely storing laptops, netbooks, notebooks, iPad, iPad Air, MacBook, MacBook Air, MacBook Pro and much more.
  • The stylish retro look of this bag makes it perfect to be used as a multi-purpose bag.


  • Occasional color difference due to the varying skin colors from different buffaloes

Rated:  4.8/5 (Click Here To Read Over 5 Customer Reviews At


Here’s another multi-purpose vintage looking messenger bag that can also be used by both men and women:

Passion Handmade Brown Leather Messenger Bag

Passion Leather Handmade Laptop Messenger Bag

A beautifully stained brown leather handbag from Passion Leather, this is a relatively large bag with a big internal capacity.

With dimensions at 16 x 12 x5 inches in depth, this bag is also capable of transporting laptops and iPads without worrying about space constraints. Of course, a matching brown leather adjustable shoulder strap is also provided with the brown leather handbag to let you cycle to your appointments hands free!

Of course, there are also various pockets and slots to allow you to carry other smaller objects: A front broad pocket, 2 small and 1 large inner compartment (the main one), 1 inner and 1 outer zipper for extra convenience and safety (to prevent your things from falling out of the bag in an event that it is shaken or tipped over) This bag also excels for students where it can fit a laptop and several books along with writing tools without hassle. The only thing to take note is the stress that will be placed on the shoulders when carrying such heavy loads. Do be careful and not hurt yourself!

The inner lining is made from an olive green heavy duty canvas, to further enhance waterproofing for the inner compartments as well as serve as additional padding and protection to prevent damaging softer materials or sensitive electronic components.


  • Size 16” width x 12”height x 5” depth, 100% Genuine Leather,
  • We use Olive green heavy duty canvas for all our bags and branded YKK zippers.
  • One front broad pocket for extra storage, 2 Small & 1 Big Inner Compartment, 1 Inner & 1 Outer Zipper for convenience.
  • Adjustable shoulder strap with shoulder pad



  • Can be uncomfortable to move around with, when heavy loads are loaded into the bag (especially across the shoulder)


Rated: 4.7/5 (Click Here To Read Over 49 Customer Reviews At